To start things off on a humourous note, The Generals lost!

The Generals had previously beaten the Saginaw Spirit and Stephen Colbert made some rant on his show about them beating his favourite OHL team because the Generals held their annual ‘teddy bear toss’ in a charity event. Apparently Stephen hates bears. So he challenged the fans to throw copies of the GM quarterly report on the ice instead of bears . (Don’t know if they actually did though) John Gray, the Oshawa mayor, put out a challenge to Colbert and said if the Gens won the next game, Stephen Colbert would have to wear a Generals jersey on his show all week, and if the Spirits won, the city would declare Colbert’s birthday Stephen Colbert Day. To which Colbert said, no, it should be held on the Mayor’s birthday — March 20th. Well, Colbert’s favoured team won last week 5 -4. So it looks like we’ll be celebrating Stephen Colbert day here in a few weeks.

(By the way, the teddy bears are usually collected and given to kids in local hospitals)

Arrgh! I screwed up my confidence and find it is wilting again. The news over at RWA is that the historical romance is dead. I love historicals. That’s pretty much the only type I read. Except for Nora Roberts’ contemporaries but most others I don’t bother with.

So after reading a lot of the posts, I’m finding myself in the ‘why bother’ mode that I know I have to get out of. I’ve not written a word, nor even opened the doc since Friday. I gotta pull myself outta this freeze again.

The Spirit Wins … and my ego wanes
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