I reached it at 10:30 last night! And I’m now much happier with the storyline, and the way things are unfolding.

Molly O’Keefe said during her talk on Saturday that a good story makes the reader ask questions that they just have to find out the answer to, and the author should answer them only when the reader ‘has’ to know. Keeping that in mind, I think I’ve improved upon the way things were revealed originally, although I’m sure there will be major edits/questions/answers still.

TRW is having a critique session in March, I have to choose five pages to submit. It’s scary, and I’m pretty sure that, given this is a first draft, it’s no where near ready to be critiqued. But at the same point, I need to jump in and start hardening myself again. It’s been a year since I was at a critique group and I’m sure I’ve forgotten things that I should be looking for. At least I’ve still got a few weeks to decide.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Happy Dance Time … Again!
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