An explanation as to why my wordcount went DOWN instead of up.

I was loading the dishwasher this morning, pondering just why my heroine was where she was — I mean what made her not only come to the hero’s estate, but also why would she stay. And it hit me. An epiphany. How obvious, I tell myself, of course that’s why she’d be there!

I hurried off to the computer and scrolled back to the start of the ms and realized the scene where I’d introduced the heroine really was just backstory, superfluous. So it got cut!

But instead of forwarding my story and adding words, I’m down to 60,600 words from over 63,000. OK, I tell myself, you lost a few words, but it’s a tighter story now.

Just add the change to the next part or at least see when the explanation as to why she’s there is needed, I say. So I scroll through the second chapter and realize, OMG! the scene that I thought I’d written from the heroine’s POV was omniscient. How the heck did that happen? I’m headhopping all over the place. I adjusted that and made it from the hero’s POV since neither the hero nor the reader knew who the heck the two women who had just arrived were.

Ok, so no words were really added, but I’ve definitely improved the story.

I pose myself over my computer and start moving forward again only to have my eldest son complain about being out of food and drink. Ouch. Yes, I should have gone grocery shopping two days ago and put it off ‘to tomorrow’. Except yesterday we had a snowstorm and I didn’t want to go out. So I pull myself away from the computer and we go shopping. There’s over an hour lost for shopping and a half hour for putting it away.

No words added.

I sit back down at my computer and think ‘Hmm, I guess I’ll check my mail before I start writing.’ BIG mistake. I got my approval from the Beau Monde group I joined last week and Holy Moly! What a treasure trove! Everything you could possibly want to know about the Regency era. I’m in heaven and I’m scrolling through links and ordering a CD from a lady who has compiled a book on the subject.

No words added.

Sigh. Maybe tomorrow. So much for my goal of completing my first draft in two months. All right, so it’s only been just over a month — I started January 10th — I’ve still got some time. But at the rate I’m going, the ms will disappear soon if I keep cutting scenes.

Edited: It’s now 1:25 a.m. and my word count is back up to 61964 and I’m MUCH happier with the story line. I’m off to bed!

A strange coincidence? I find it a little spooky…
Last night I received an email from a lady from the TRW responding to a post I’d done over there; she’d read my blog. Woohoo! It turns out she lives only a couple blocks away from me now. Here’s where it starts to get weird — she knows the obscure little village I mentioned I lived near as a teenager – in fact she lived near there herself. It turns weirder — she lived on the same line (road) as my parents. Weirder still? She lived two houses down from my parents, in a house where I used to babysit, albeit 15 years before she lived there, but how weird is that? What are the chances?

Akkk! and Weird coincidences
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2 thoughts on “Akkk! and Weird coincidences

  • February 15, 2007 at 4:21 pm

    If you’ve got 60K in a month your doing fine.

    You should think about doing NaNo this coming November. The challenge is 50K in a month.

    What you end up with is a rough first draft. I did it for this first time this past November, best thing I did. Made me learn alot about myself as a writer.

  • February 15, 2007 at 6:25 pm

    believe me, I feel your pain about the word count. I’m about to decide my current WIP is a 70,k word story. 🙂

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