I’m stuck. I’m in the final climactic scene of my first, and still untitled, draft. (Does it still count as a first draft considering the massive rewrite I did on the first part? Yes, I guess it does since this part hasn’t been written yet) I know what has to happen – it’s all plotted out. I’ve got the characters all in place but I’m having trouble moving forward. Why does that happen? It’s very annoying!

As a way of trying to distract myself (I will use the excuse that I often find stepping away from the story clears my mind and that’s when I get epiphanies … yeah, that sounds good), I’ve been reading other people’s blogs. Kristin Nelson’s blog has had a couple interesting entries over yesterday and today . Yesterday she wrote about the difference between ‘literary’ fiction and ‘commercial’ fiction. What’s interesting is not just her column, but the comments it’s inspired — from the ‘yeah, I totally agree’ to vicious, venomous attacks. For stating her opinion.

Just reinforces the fact that you can’t please everyone – that no matter what position you take, someone is gonna disagree with you. Occasionally at the top of their lungs.

You’d think I’d remember that simple adage given my father’s penchant for forcing his opinion on others, but for some reason I always find it surprising that people get so hot under the collar that someone might have a differing opinion than theirs. Silly me.

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One thought on “Procrastinating

  • March 8, 2007 at 5:05 pm

    I need to borrow your stress sign from the previous post, you know I’m stuck about the same way and place on my in-progress novel. … it’s all (very rough) drafted, but having trouble getting it readable-enough for the crit group.

    I clicked over and read the posts you ref’d. Interesting distinction, and something we need to know and keep in mind when we submit. Sad, but not really surprising how rude people can be when they’re hiding behind anon-mail.

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