OY! I think I’m going to follow Eve Silver’s suggestion.

I’m going to write Fallen Gargoyles as a paranormal. As she said, so many of the elements are already in place. The trouble is that the plot will have to significantly change since the paranormal elements will actually become a secondary character (Blue Sue knows what that means, and Klaudia Z too, and Wylie and the other ladies at the table on Saturday – if they understood my ramblings – but the rest of you will have to ‘wait and see’ )

So I’ve been sitting looking at the storyline this morning trying to determine if I should start with a completely fresh story/different characters or whether to try to incorporate it into this one. I think the hero can stay though he needs more fleshing out – which I already knew I needed to do – but I’ll have to change his internal conflicts. The heroine I’m not so sure about – that’s going to be more of a challenge to figure her out in this new aspect, although I think her internal conflicts will be easier to work into the paranormal elements.

The main problem I am encountering is the external conflict. What draws the H/H together? Yes, Amelia’s betrothed has just died and they have to solve that mystery but what do they have to unite against to ultimately battle, or at least what type of external conflict do they have to overcome before they eventually come together? And is that type of conflict necessary? I’m probably over-analyzing at this point.

*sigh* I had hoped to have something completed (even if it was still needing some tweaks) for the RWA conference in July, but I’m not sure I can smooth everything out in the less than four months I have left.

But I like the idea of being able to play back in the fantasy realm again. It’s much more fun to use your imagination like that.

Oh, and I just checked my horoscope, and found this: The 12th and 13th, if you have a creative urge, give in to it. You won’t be sorry!

Fallen Gargoyles
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3 thoughts on “Fallen Gargoyles

  • March 12, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    The horoscope is never wrong. NEVER!!! 😉

    Ah, I feel left out. Well, I guess I can wait. Drat.

  • March 12, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    I won’t gloat Amy, but I will say that you are in for a treat!! 😉

  • March 13, 2007 at 6:51 pm

    If the horrorscope says it, go with it!

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