Countdown to Dallas: 93 days, 19 hours, or a total of 2251 hours, or 135074 minutes.

It’s been a few days since I posted – not that I’ve been particularly busy, I just haven’t had much to say. What can I say, life’s been quiet, which is a good thing to my way of thinking.

It’s snowing. We had a green Christmas, and it looks like we’ll have a white easter. But we only have ‘snow in the air’ as opposed to Texas, whom Blue Sue tells me have snow on the ground. Sue – you’re welcome to it! As I write this, a bunny is sitting about fifteen feet from my patio door, all huddled up and the snow is starting to stay on his back, turning him white. It’s nice to see him back again – I didn’t see him through most of the winter as I have in other years. He looks fat – which makes me wonder if he is a she and expecting a litter (what is a bunch of baby bunnies called anyway?) He/She is just in time for Easter anyway, even if she’s not chocolate. And no, I won’t eat the little ‘chocolate raisins’ they leave behind, though my dog used to like them. Yes, I can hear you all saying ‘Eeeeww’.

The slog through my MS as I change it from regular history to paranormal is progressing, although my countdown clock to Dallas is scaring me as it whirls down. But it’s keeping me motivated.

I’m wondering why I decided to try to write straight historical, I’m having a blast with the paranormal version, falling back upon my ‘roots’ so to speak. I just hope it makes sense when it’s finally finished.

My passport was supposed to have arrived by Registered Mail on April 4th. It didn’t. Hmm. I’ll give it a few more days before I start tracing it down, I suppose. There was another report that the expected number of applications is twice as much as they expected, so perhaps they’re behind.

And I haven’t heard about my tickets yet either. I have a confirmation and a little booklet with all the information, but the agent was supposed to phone me when they arrived. She hasn’t phoned. Hmm. Another thing to follow up on – perhaps I’ll do that on Monday. Jim wants to take me out with my laptop to show me how to hook up to wifi hotspots in town so I’ll know how to do it when he’s not around.

We didn’t win the 6/49 lottery for $38 million last Wednesday. Rats. Then again, we didn’t have tickets – both Jim and I forgot to stop off and pick some up. 2 winning tickets were sold, and one was held by a group of 20 carpenters. That’s nice because they’ll get close to a million each — each to make you happy, but not enough to totally screw up your life. I could use a million right now. Heck, I’d settle for a hundred thousand. That would at least let me pay off my mortgage. Just.

Another reason to get back to editing my ms. It’ll have to be finished, and polished before I can shop it around.

White Easter
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