I did laundry today. My own clothes for once, instead of the six loads Gizmo Guy creates a week, or the multiple baskets my sons deliver. In the midst of the spin cycle, the machine sounds like it’s walking across the basement floor. I run down, but as I reach it, it suddenly goes quiet, though the motor is still running.

Rats. I think I broke the belt or something because it won’t spin anymore. I peer in and feel around at the bundles of wet clothes – it doesn’t seem to be unevenly loaded, and there’s not a whole lot of clothes – I’ve seen my husband load more into it.

It came with the house (which we bought 5 years ago) so it’s not like it’s under warranty or anything, and I don’t want to call the manufacturer because I swear they’d probably send me someone expensive who would have to pay a service fee to Whirlpool as well. So Gizmo Guy gets on the internet to see if he can fix it himself (which made me cringe – literally – he is NOT a fix-it guy!) Thankfully he realized no, this was beyond him.

So GG and I ploughed through the phone book trying to decide which repairperson might be the best. I looked for companies that said they fixed our specific machine – Whirlpool – and whittled it down from there. Gizmo Guy liked an ad for “Chris’s Appliance Repair.” What caught his eye? Chris’s ad said he was ‘honest, reliable.’ Gee, GG, do you think someone’s going to take out an ad and say ‘we’re losers, we’re going to rip you off’?

Anyway, we decided upon one and I phoned. A very gruff man answers: “Service.” No company name, but okay.

I introduce myself, explain I need a repairman to fix my machine and admit that I must have overloaded it and I’ve probably broken the belt.

To which he replied: “You know you shouldn’t overload your washing machine, they’re not made for that.”

Gee? You think? Sheesh!

Gizmo Guy says I should have just hung up and phoned the next on the list. I didn’t. I guess I’m too polite.

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3 thoughts on “D’uh

  • May 2, 2007 at 2:31 pm

    Mine died three weeks ago. They came with the house we bought too. They’re dead gone and I have a new front load washing machine and matching dryer.

    They ROCK!And they use less water. I love it.

  • May 2, 2007 at 2:52 pm

    I would SO love a set of front loading machines, they are supposed to be super efficient and better at cleaning your clothes. I guess I’ll decide tomorrow when they give me an estimate of what it’ll cost to repair this one. Either way I can’t really afford the repairs OR a new machine. *sigh*

  • May 4, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    I did something similar…
    I THOUGHT I broke it, but when the Sears repair dude came, he took out the three bath mats, shook his head in disgust and advised me not to put in things so heavy… and that it was just unbalanced.

    (What can I say,… I had a maid in Bermuda)

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