Day Two, a tad late 4

I’ve been having problems getting onto the internet, but I’m here!

I went to my first workshop yesterday – about Creating Characters using the Myers Brigg standard. And what types of conflict would arise between the various personality types.

But we ducked out of the conference at lunch where Sue took me to the Fort Worth Stockyards.It was so cool, and after we stopped in at a saloon where there were cowboy hats filling the roof.


As is custom I signed my name for perpetuity on the wall…

Me at the White Elephant

But after downing a cool brew on Dallas’ hottest day of the year … well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

Oh, and you have to go over to Sue’s blog where she’s posted a most indiscreet picture of us in the barfight that put me in jail …


And from there Sue took me to one of the better Cowboy hat stores where I spent WAAAY too much money and added to my stack of things I’m going to have to cart home – a real Texas cowboy hat.


4 thoughts on “Day Two, a tad late

  • Christine d'Abo

    Leah!! You sound (and look) like you’re having a great time. The Myers-Briggs personality profiling is something I use for my characters. It’s a great help.

  • Amy Ruttan

    Too funny, you look so cute in that hat, and the jail picture is too funny!!!

    I’ll go check out Sue’s blog right now.

  • Sue L

    Hey guys.

    We had another great day – exhausting. We’ll try to get Leah online again in the morning so she can give you an update.

    Sue L

  • Savannah Chase

    Oh wow, it really looks amazing…..i wish i was there with you to enjoy all the fun..

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