Lynsay Sands is a Canadian (though she now lives in England) who formerly wrote historical romances. In fact she’s the author of one of my favourite historicals – The Reluctant Reformer – which made me snort and laugh out loud – something historical romances rarely do. Usually the heroine and hero are all tortured and honourable; in RR, the h/h were anything but dignified through a series of misunderstandings and bad timing. But then Lynsay switched from historicals to contemporaries – vampires of all things, and not being a vampire fan at the time, I didn’t follow along. However, while I was in Dallas, I picked up a copy of Lynsay’s Bite Me If You Can (the sixth book in the Argeneau vampire series). And I became a fan all over again.

It’s not a dark world like JR’s or Sherrilyn’s; these vampires are the product of a scientific experiment that backfired and granted humans eternal life at a price, and now they live carefully amongst humans. In Toronto! So instead hanging about the ubiquitous Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, these vamps frequent Tim Horton’s, and hang out in The Path, Toronto’s underground walkway linking 27 km of shops, as a way to avoid the sun. How cool is that? I quite enjoyed BMIYC, so I started scouring the bookstores and libraries for the other books in the series.

Yesterday I immersed myself in Lynsay’s Single White Vampire*. And OMG! Talk about hilarious – I found myself literally laughing out loud in quite a few spots.

600-year-old Lucern Argeneau is grumpy, surly, and basically fed up with humans. He’s had a few historical non-fiction books published (who better to write about history than someone who has lived it). So when he decides to chronicle his family’s history, specifically that of his brother’s and sister’s marriages, he sends the stories to his editor expecting them to be published in the same historical treatise vein. To his surprise, his editor publishes them as romantic fiction and they rocket to success. He finds himself hounded by a new editor, Kate C. Leever, who is pushing him to do a book tour and interviews. Due to his mother’s manipulations, Lucern reluctantly agrees to do an interview with RT (yes, that’s Romantic Times) – not realizing RT is not just an interview but a conference – and he’s going to be forced to actually talk in more than single syllable sentences (No) with all his gushing fans.

My favourite scene is Lucern attending the Renaissance Ball in full costume with calamitous results. Jewelled codpiece meets tablecloth. That’s all I’m going to say. I was laughing so hard, Gizmo Guy paused the golf game he was watching and stared at me until I finished reading the scene. The golf game got paused a few times yesterday afternoon while I chuckled – and even read out a scene where Lucern is faced with the modern dilemma of having to choose between the variety of condoms offered these days.

Single White Vampire is definitely going on my Keeper shelf. And I’ll be looking for Lynsay’s three new books in the series coming out next January, February and March.

*The strange thing about the Argeneau series is she hasn’t written them in order. Although SWV appears to be book three in the series, it was actually the first book released. Take a look at the release dates:

1. A Quick Bite (November 2005) (Lissianna’s story)
2. Love Bites (January 2004) (Etienne’s story)
3. Single White Vampire (Sept 2003) (Lucern’s story)
4. Tall Dark and Hungry (July 2004) (Bastien’s story)
5. A Bite to Remember (June 2006) (Vincent’s story)
6. Bite Me If You Can (Feb. 2007) (Lucian’s story)

Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands
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2 thoughts on “Single White Vampire by Lynsay Sands

  • September 24, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    That sounds intriguing. I am still immersed in Lover Unbound, but it’s in the stores now so I have no teasing fodder anymore.

  • September 25, 2007 at 4:25 am

    Now this sounds like a good change of pace. I may have to check these out…right after I read Love Unbound.

    I want it now!!

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