It’s not going to be smooth sailing ahead, but I don’t think I’m going to founder. (How’s that for a metaphor? Or is that analogy?)

Dad’s definitely suffered some massive brain injury which has left him a husk of what he used to be. He doesn’t remember me at all, though he recognizes Mom most of the time – although he thought she was his mother a few times today. He’s got partial aphasia (where the brain can’t associate words properly – he’ll say things like ‘Monkey butterfly plant’ and expect you to answer him – it does make sense inside, it’s a brain-scrambling thing.) He can talk sense – he’s not always nonsensical but his sentences and subjects wander and as is usual with patients suffering from Alzheimers and related conditions as vascular dementia is, he lives in the distant past. He will need a walker as he can barely walk – he’s already fallen at least once in the hospital. He’s no longer restrained but he’s got a tendency to wander, to try to escape the hospital. And he’s in diapers. But at least he’s no longer attacking, kicking, punching or biting the nurses the way he was on Saturday – mainly thanks to mood altering medication they’re giving him.

My mom’s in total denial – when we visited today she left saying “Oh, isn’t he so much better today? He should be coming home soon.” Well, maybe he’s better than he was Saturday, but according to the nurse I spoke to today, he’s severely confused and unable to follow simple directions. And she doubts he’ll be going home.

Now we just have to get Mum to accept that.

Oh, and thanks for all the lovely notes of support I’ve received. I’ll be spending the next while running Mum about I imagine, and investigating local nursing homes, and contacting the Alzheimer’s society since vascular dementia falls under their broad umbrella. I’m going to try to keep writing, but I’m already three days behind on NaNo and frankly that’s way down the list of priorities right now.

Maintaining an Even Keel
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