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I’m registered for a course tomorrow on the Canadian Publishing industry. It’s being taught by a former president of Penguin Books Canada at a somewhat distant university. However, naturally enough for living in Canada, the forecast is for freezing rain anywhere north of Toronto – and of course, they specifically […]

Surprise Getaway

Update on the Mid Winter Kick in the Pants Challenge: My weekly goal was 4,000 words, and I hit over 6,000 words. Woohoo. I’m going to see if I can increase it this week even though I know I’m definitely not going to be able to write on Tuesday. And […]

Now THAT’s snow …

Exactly one year ago today, I posted my first blog. Exactly one year ago this month, I joined the RWA after attending the Toronto Romance Writers Romance 101 course taught by Margaret Moore earlier in the month. And realized I’d come home. I’d finally found a writers’ group that could […]

Blog Birthday

Amy Ruttan very kindly roared at me today. And I loved it! (I really needed it, this week’s been tough – however I more than exceeded my goals for Christine d’Abo‘s Mid-Winter Kick in the Pants challenge. I set my weekly goal as 4,000 words and today I hit 6,000 […]


Yesterday I wrote 1300 words on my story, and so far today I’ve written 1400. So I am on my way to this week’s goal of 4000. (I won’t think about how Gizmo Guy managed to write 5,000 words on his manuscript yesterday – grrr, show off!) I would have […]

Ways to Distract you

A few years ago, I got up the nerve to post some of my writing online and had a faithful reader comment that she saw the hero I’d written being played by Heath Ledger. At the time I’d never seen him so I rented A Knight’s Tale and had the […]

What a waste

I’ve not posted much because there’s not been much going on. But during a conversation with my sister this afternoon, she pointed me to this video over on YouTube. BigSis used to ride dressage and do jumping and is love with these horses – they’re called Friesians and are a […]

A Knight’s Horse

Last year, a few friends of mine had a good laugh over truck nutz! If you haven’t seen them, it’s a pair of fake testicles that you hang from your truck’s trailer hitch. They’re offered by several companies online (maybe in stores, I have no idea), and come in a […]

Good taste vs freedom of speech?

(Apologies to Michelle Rowen for perverting her title.) Anyway, here’s my latest feathered visitor. This big fella settled in our backyard this afternoon, scaring off all the small birds he was hoping to feast on. If anyone knows exactly what type of hawk he is, let me know. I know […]

Bitten and Smitten by Birds

I’m in a real funk today. Somehow – I don’t know how – Sue knew and sent me a link to cheer me up. Now Sue and I are huge Tolkien fans but these boys take the cake – literally They made an entire Gondor out of candy. Including the […]

The Candy Battle

Hmm. It doesn’t look like 2008 is going to be any better for my appliances than 2007 was. Last year both the fridge and the oven gave up the ghost, now my dishwasher has gone on the fritz. This dishwasher is only 5 years old – we bought it brand […]

Can I blame Solar Flares?

Here’s an interesting little video someone’s done – if you like the Count from Sesame Street, be warned, you may not see him quite the same after this. See, you KNOW what the count is REALLY saying, but your brain just has to fill in a different word during the […]

It’s all in your head