Surprise Getaway

I’m registered for a course tomorrow on the Canadian Publishing industry. It’s being taught by a former president of Penguin Books Canada at a somewhat distant university. However, naturally enough for living in Canada, the forecast is for freezing rain anywhere north of Toronto – and of course, they specifically named the city where the university is. So when Gizmo Guy and I were discussing it this morning, and since he has to be in the same city tomorrow and Wednesday, GG suggested that perhaps it would be wise to reserve a hotel room and drive up tonight.

Woohoo! A night away from the boys – the first in YEARS! So we splurged a bit and reserved a room with a king sized bed and a — this is a first for me which is rather pathetic at my age — a double-sized whirlpool tub. Wonder if I can claim it as a ‘research’ expense 😉

Now THAT’s snow …

Update on the Mid Winter Kick in the Pants Challenge: My weekly goal was 4,000 words, and I hit over 6,000 words. Woohoo. I’m going to see if I can increase it this week even though I know I’m definitely not going to be able to write on Tuesday.

And now for a real chuckle, here’s a video a friend send me. When I lived with my parents, they lived in a snowbelt area, but we never got the snow they got here (it’s Colorado by the way – the comment say they got 54 inches in 48 hours.) Our dogs used to do this in the clover fields in the far back of our property – all you could see every once in a while was their ears flying as they’d jump up to figure out where they were. But I love watching this dog tunneling through the snow.

Blog Birthday

Exactly one year ago today, I posted my first blog. Exactly one year ago this month, I joined the RWA after attending the Toronto Romance Writers Romance 101 course taught by Margaret Moore earlier in the month. And realized I’d come home. I’d finally found a writers’ group that could help me realize my dream of getting serious about my writing – my New Year’s resolution of 2007. There I met some incredibly supportive ladies – Christine d’Abo, Wylie Kinson, Amy Ruttan and Savannah Chase among just a few of whom I consider friends. Not to mention the squee moments when I realize that other members include Kelley Armstrong, Margaret Moore, Michelle Rowen, and Eve Silver. The world of blogging and life within the RWA has introduced me to far-flung friends – Marley Delarose, and Red Garnier, and Julia, and Kim Smith and there’s so many more.

Over the year I’ve taken courses – too many actually. Aside from the research courses I’ve taken, I’ve also taken craft courses: Mary Buckham’s Sex Between the Pages – an excellent course, Margie Lawson’s Deep EDITS course, another one I highly recommend and will use from now on. I’ve taken courses on plotting, and pacing, and beginnings. On GMC and pitching. On engaging a reader through emotions. On how to write erotica. I’ve taken so many I realized I needed to stop for a breather and find my own voice again.

And somewhere in amongst all those courses, I’ve finished three manuscripts – one a full length historical that I’ve left in its first draft as I decide its future; one short-novel-length erotica that I’ve edited, re-edited and polished ’til it shone; and a short 15K erotic novella that was equally polished that will continue to be sent out until it finds a home.

My first blog talked about how I was jumping into the deep end in taking my writing to the next level. And boy, I had no idea how prophetic that would be. I didn’t just dabble my toes in the shallow end just attending the TRW meetings. No, I climbed up the high diving platform and took the jump of my life. For in July I found myself boarding a jet and flying to Dallas to attend the mother of all conferences – the RWA conference where I met authors such as Sherrilyn Kenyon and JR Ward, Cathy Maxwell, Stephanie Laurens, Kathryn Smith, and and and – oh, it was overwhelmingly fantastic. And while I was there, in the leap of a lifetime, I actually pitched one of my manuscripts to an editor and got a request – I’m still awaiting its fate. Talk about being in over my head!

So it’s been a wild ride this year … hopefully in the next year it’ll only get better.