A Knight’s Horse 3

I’ve not posted much because there’s not been much going on. But during a conversation with my sister this afternoon, she pointed me to this video over on YouTube. BigSis used to ride dressage and do jumping and is love with these horses – they’re called Friesians and are a very ancient type of horse used by Teutonic knights from what I’ve googled. Their mane and tails are amazingly long. (the link takes you to the Friesian horse society – take a gander at their photo album.) Sorry, BlueSue, your Arabians are gorgeous too, but what a beautiful and powerful looking horse the Friesian is. If you’re writing a medieval – can’t you just imagine your handsome dark and devilish knight riding in on this horse?

The music is from the movie Requiem for a Dream and was used in a trailer for The Two Towers. Whoever made the video timed the horse’s movements to the music (or vice versa) and it makes it that much more powerful. Turn up your speakers (or put your head phones on) and sit back and enjoy.

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