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A few years ago, I got up the nerve to post some of my writing online and had a faithful reader comment that she saw the hero I’d written being played by Heath Ledger. At the time I’d never seen him so I rented A Knight’s Tale and had the time of my life. Now it’s not a serious movie, it’s got a jousting scene with We Will Rock You as the theme song, for Pete’s sake. But yes, I could see Heath as the hero of my story. And since he’s been in a string of movies, including another favourite of mine – Casanova , and one that’s not such a favourite but I have to admit he really deserved his Oscar-nomination for Brokeback Mountain.

So I was both shocked and saddened this afternoon to read that Heath Ledger died this afternoon at the young age of 28. All that talent, just gone.

5 thoughts on “What a waste

  • Sue L

    I saw this news elsewhere on the web this afternoon. A real shame. He had a lot of talent and seemed to have a lot going for him.

  • julia

    It really threw me when I heard this news. He’s always been a big fave of mine. My husband and I have been totally psyched about his role as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’. I’m so, so down about it.

  • Savannah Chase

    it’s a shocker and truly a sad day…he will be missed by so many..

    I was floored when i got the news

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