Surprise Getaway 7

I’m registered for a course tomorrow on the Canadian Publishing industry. It’s being taught by a former president of Penguin Books Canada at a somewhat distant university. However, naturally enough for living in Canada, the forecast is for freezing rain anywhere north of Toronto – and of course, they specifically named the city where the university is. So when Gizmo Guy and I were discussing it this morning, and since he has to be in the same city tomorrow and Wednesday, GG suggested that perhaps it would be wise to reserve a hotel room and drive up tonight.

Woohoo! A night away from the boys – the first in YEARS! So we splurged a bit and reserved a room with a king sized bed and a — this is a first for me which is rather pathetic at my age — a double-sized whirlpool tub. Wonder if I can claim it as a ‘research’ expense 😉

7 thoughts on “Surprise Getaway

  • Christine d'Abo

    Oh have fun tonight!! I’d love to have a night away like that with my hubby. I really need to plan a little get away soon…

    I hope your class is a good one. Fill us in when you get back!

  • Amy Ruttan

    Oh man I wish I could go. Still have family in that city (since I know which City you are referring too).

    Actually I have a getaway in that City planned for July (the week before NATIONAL) my friends getting married and I’m a bridesmaid.

    And me and hubby went all out for a few days away. We got a King Suite with a whirlpool too. Only I can’t use mine as research since I’ll be running around after the Bride. *sigh*

  • Vicky

    Have a wonderful class! And enjoy your relaxation time!

    I totally think you should use this as a write off… although if I was your accountant we’d both be in jail! 😀 I think books should be a tax deduction – it’s research damn it!

    I was a black kiss too!

  • julia

    Just read how the course went, over at Christine’s blog. What a rip-off! At least you had time away, even though you had family health issues erode whatever rest you’d managed to get. Hope everything is getting a little better, Leah.

  • Wylie Kinson

    I just read it too and I’m open-jawed at the horribly misguided advice!
    Sepia? Really?? ACK!

    Sorry about your trying personal issues, but at least you had the professionals on your side. It must be so hard for your mom– to acknowledge that the happily-ever-after part of her life is irreversibly altered. Hope you both get thru it with the least amount of drama. ((HUGS))

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