Julia tagged me for this meme … so here it is, with a bit of a twist for the music, as I figure most people won’t know the songs I listen to.
8 things I’m passionate about

1 – Gizmo Guy
2 – my sons, Curly and Guitar Hero
3 – writing
4 – Gizmo Guy. Oh, right, I’ve already said him. Make #4 reading then
5 – my friends
6 – my embroidery
7 – writing
8 – Gizmo Guy and my sons

8 things I want to do before I die

1 – get published – preferably in print. I want to be able to hold up a book with my name on the cover, and say “See? I did it!”
2 – go back to England – for at least a month, preferably even longer. I want to explore York again, and London, and Kent, but this time I want to go with Gizmo Guy.
3 – make sure my boys can fend for themselves – a bigger challenge than I thought when I had them, that’s for sure. I know they can, but as a mother I still worry.
4 – Celebrate my 60th anniversary with Gizmo Guy. Totally out of my control for the most part, I know, but 30 years of marriage hasn’t been long enough.
5 – travel over Europe – Italy, Amsterdam, Holland, Sweden, Germany – maybe stay in the castle Gizmo Guy got to stay in a few years back,
6 – go to Scotland and Wales (sensing a travel trend here?)
7 – pay off my credit cards. (I’m working on it …)
8 – since there are not rich uncles in my family, win a lottery (preferably before #2, so I can really enjoy all that travel.)

8 things I often say

1 – “Sorry, what was that?” to people who talk to me when I’m writing. I’m usually so deep in my own world I don’t hear what they said.
2 – “No, you didn’t interrupt me” although I’m trying to cut down on that one with the ‘boundaries’ I set a while back.
3 – “It’s ok, it’s just me” this is said in a whisper to a sleeping Gizmo Guy when I creep back into bed at 3 a.m. after having to get up to write a scene some character was insisting I write RIGHT THIS INSTANT. Or just because I couldn’t sleep. (like last night, when I came in at midnight, crept out at 2 and crept back in at 5:30 a.m.)
4 – “What did they say?”or its variant “Did you understand what they said?” Usually as a not-so-subtle request to get Gizmo Guy to hit the rewind button on the satellite PVR- especially if there’s loud music that seems to ride roughshod over the dialog on a movie or television show.
5 – “Drive carefully” as Gizmo Guy’s leaving for work– not only on the snowy days he has to drive over the Moraine, but on the good days too – that’s usually when the accidents happen.
6 – “Love you.” (numerous times per day to both Gizmo Guy and the boys)
7 – “Stop!” followed by “What part of stop didn’t you understand?” (This is when I’m foolish enough to let Guitar Hero drive, and he’s run a red light, or just about put the car into a ditch taking a corner on two wheels.)
8 – “What do you want for dinner?” or if it’s directed at me – “I don’t know, what do you want?

8 books I’ve recently read or am reading (* means re-reads)
1 – Julia Quinn’s The Duke and I*
2 – Julia Quinn’s The Viscount Who Loved Me *
3 – Sue Grafton’s T is for Trespass
4 – Robert Parker’s Stone Cold
5 – JR Ward’s Dark Lover*
6 – Julia Quinn’s On the Way To the Wedding*
7 – Julia Quinn’s When He was Wicked*
8 – Robin Rotham’s Alien Overnight*

8 songs I could listen to over and over (now you’ll see how really eclectic my tastes are)

1. Sarabande by Handel

2. Promontory (from the Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack) by Trevor Jones. I LOVE this movie, except the director/editor completely missed the sexual tension and love story between Uncas and Alice. *SPOILER ALERT* Do NOT watch this if you want to watch this movie in the future, as this clip is the ending, and it will completely ruin the movie for you.

3. Unchained Melody by Bill Withers – hey, who can’t hear this song and not get the shivers? Or think of Ghost?

4. She by Elvis Costello By the way, did you know if you switch to the French audio track on the Notting Hill DVD, it’s not Elvis Costello singing but the original Charles Aznavour version. (But I prefer the Elvis version personally.)

5. Nessun Dorma by Puccini – this one is a wonderfully romantic opera – the hero is singing how no one is going to sleep that night. But not for the reasons I’ll bet you’re thinking 😉

6. Panis Angelicus – I can’t help but get shivers up my back when I hear this one played.

7. Duettino – Sull’aria by Mozart (the song Tim Robbins plays to the convicts in Shawshank Redemption) (just the first couple minutes of the track)

8. almost anything by Handel, but particularly Suite Nr1 in F major (9-Allegro Moderato) from the Water Music or his Harp Concerto in B flat Major, Opus 4, Nr 6 (Andante-Allegro)

8 things that attract me to my best friends

1 – people who don’t judge – I spent so much of my childhood under a judgmental authority, that I love people that I can just be ‘me’ around.
2 – other writers – who else can understand the obsessive personality that a writer has?
3 – people with an ironic or rather sardonic sense of humor. Gizmo Guy is so quiet, yet when he makes a joke, it’s so understated and ironic that people blink before they start grinning..
4 – people who don’t have hot tub parties starting at 11 p.m. and ending no earlier than 3 a.m. night after night in the yard beside ours and keep me awake (it’s been going on since early November, I’m ready to start screaming out the window)
5 – people who maintain positive attitudes (which I must admit I’m not doing right now, see #4 above, and #3 of 8 things I say)
6 – people who actually take the time to read my blog 😉
7 – people who take the time to comment on my blog :*
8 – anyone who will willingly come and clean my house for free (haven’t met anyone who’ll do that yet, but I’m hopeful)

I’m supposed to tag eight people now but I’m not sure I know eight people who haven’t already been tagged … so Marley, Cora … Kim? Um, well, if you’ve not been tagged, consider yourself ‘it!’

8 things about me Meme
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  • March 23, 2008 at 6:25 am

    #8 is a good quality in a friend … hmm I haven’t found that either, LOL!!!

    Have you heard of E.S. Posthumus? Beautiful instrumental music. His music NARA is currently driving my muse right now.

    Look him up on Youtube. Seriously, amazing haunting music.

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