A thousand years of history gone … 6

Long live the Hollow tree.

Right after the above picture of Gizmo Guy and Curly was taken of this beautiful old red cedar in 2006, Vancouver experienced hurricane-style winds that tore out thousands of trees from the world-famous Stanley Park. We’d wondered what had happened to the ‘Hollow Tree’ but hadn’t seen any mentions of it falling, so presumed it had survived. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

This week the Vancouver Parks board voted that the tree – which is leaning 11% and is now a danger – must be cut down. (Here’s what it looks like now.) They will replace it with another cedar. Let’s hope it survives equally as long. And let’s hope we’ll have ancestors around to view it.

6 thoughts on “A thousand years of history gone …

  • Marley Delarose, Author

    Some bureaucrat probably made that decision. Too bad.

    You’re right, too. We’d better be paying more attention to our environment.

  • Wylie Kinson

    Aw, how horrible! I *think* I remember that particular tree from my last visit to Stanley Park… but that was 16 years ago (and 31 years ago) so my memory could be faulty…

    I just hope they don’t replace it with a park bench!

  • Julia Smith

    Hey, Leah – wow, I love your new site! It’s really wonderful.

    It’s very sad about the tree. Mother Nature has a rather brutal way of closet cleaning, it seems. We’re lucky we were around to see such an ancient cedar.

  • Cora Zane

    Aw, so sad they cut that tree down. :*( Hopefully the new seedling will grow and flourish.

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