Daily Wordcount: 2175 words
Week so far: 12938 words

I think I could have written more today, but I, um, forgot the rule Natalie told us at the TRW meeting the other day: “Write the draft THEN research.”

It wasn’t a new rule, I’d heard it before – from Candy Haven’s FastDraft, from Jenna Peterson’s recent workshop on the RClist, amongst others. For instance, I knew that instead of flipping off to check Washington DC webcams and maps, I should have just written “research road where accident could occur”, highlighted it in yellow and gotten back to it later.

I should have.

I didn’t.

But is it ever interesting how much you can find online these days. I can watch traffic patterns of all the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia highways and main roads. It’s fascinating. I can see if the land is flat or hilly. If it’s a residential or industrial area. If there are dividers down the road. When the roads are busy. When they’re not. I found a page that has photos of various traffic accidents and accounts of what happened so I could see what a Mercedes might look like if it’s been t-boned, or see what happens if a wheel falls off a car while it’s on a highway. (Guess what I’m writing about, LOL.)

Even so, I still managed to get 2,175 words written. But think how much I could have written if I hadn’t been distracting myself by surfing the web?

Oh, and wish me luck – Gizmo Guy is repartitioning my laptop’s hard drive tonight as, for some reason, the powers that be either at Sony or Best Buy had set it up so the C: drive had only 10 gig, while the D: drive had 50. Which meant all those programs that load themselves into C without asking have completely filled up my main drive and it wasn’t working properly. Plus he’s bought me some extra RAM.

Let’s just hope it gets fixed better than my car. Which I got back for a mere $880 this afternoon. But has to go back in on Monday as there’s still something wrong with it. Grrr.

Over 12,000 in five days
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2 thoughts on “Over 12,000 in five days

  • April 18, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    Back up!!! Back up all writing!!!

    Remind to bug you when I need research help. Wow I can’t believe what you found. Do you know anything about organized crime? I need an organization chart for reference. 🙂

  • April 18, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Lady, you are rockin’ the word count. I could use some of your fire.

    Sorry about the car troubles. My Jeep is due a brake job too; you can hear grinding when you slow down and have to start about two blocks back before you get to a stop light. Of course, I’ll be getting all this done right when the fed rebate checks come in so, nope, it’s not just you. As soon as the money comes in, out it goes.

    BTW, where in the world are you getting that fantastic info about roads?

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