Daily Wordcount: 2667 words
End of Week Wordcount: 16,011 words

Phew! I’ve decided I’m aiming for approximately 60K, so I’m a little under a third done.

However, I’m feeling guilty. It has been beautiful outside the last few days – finally reaching into the mid-20s (that’s mid 70’s for your Fahrenheit-speaking folks.) There are hints of green on my lilac bushes, and the grass on the back lawn needs cutting. I should be out there turning over my garden, spreading mulch, spreading seed on the bare spots of my lawn, especially where we had a birch tree cut down last year.

The neighbors are out there working. Then again, he’s ALWAYS out there working. He’s one of those ‘putterers’ that Gizmo Guy despises because he’s always got a project on the go and Gizmo Guy thinks he makes all the non-puttering guys (like GG) look bad. From the looks of the junk he’s put out at the side of the road, he’s just redone his main bathroom – new tub, new cabinets, the whole works. He’s out there today laying a new interlocking brick patio (second time in the six years we’ve lived here.) And he has gardens, front and back, to die for. Makes our poor patch of half-green/half-brown lawn look pathetic.

So yes, I should be outside ‘keeping up with the putterers’. But I’m not. Instead I’m sitting inside in my cave of an office writing.

I guess it’s productive.

I just hope I have something to show for it at year’s end the way Mr. Putterer will.

End of the week wrap up
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2 thoughts on “End of the week wrap up

  • April 21, 2008 at 5:57 am

    Wow, extremely productive week. I’ve been editing Chp 1 and 2 of my WIP and cut over 1,000 words 🙁

    Don’t mind the putters. Some people just like to do that. Some don’t. I’m in the ‘some don’t’ category. Nice to see there are more like me.

    Have another productive day!

  • April 21, 2008 at 6:04 am

    My entire neighborhood is full of putterers – grrrr – constantly putting us to shame. I went for a walk this morning and people have spring gardens planted, their lawns are already beautiful and green. Not mine! I did rake and clean up the garden from last autumn, but that tuckered me out! At least I have a few tulips poking out here and there… saves me from total Loserville.

    My youngest wants to type something:

    That’s the only word he knows how to spell (besides his name) and he just learned to do and excalmation point so he’s rather excited about that.

    Have a great day in your cave!

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