The start of a new week’s goals 5

Today I got determined to keep moving forward, so I closed my email programs down, I even closed Firefox itself, preventing myself from giving into that urge to ‘just check’ a fact or two. And it paid off … Drum roll please….

Daily Wordcount: 4,090 (Woohoo!)

It’s the beginning of a new week, so now I’m wondering, do I keep a ‘weekly wordcount’ and start from 0 each Monday? Because you’ll be able to see the cumulative wordcount on the status bar over to the right. Which hit 20K today!

5 thoughts on “The start of a new week’s goals

  • Dani

    4,000, that’s amazing. Great writing forward!

    Now, if I can get Miss M to bed early I’ll see if I can do something myself.

    Wonderful progress. I think since you can see the overall, keep a weekly progress and you can see your production by week. And you should be able to see when you’ve had interference in any week, that way.

  • Sue L

    4,000!! Fantastic!

    Weekly, or however you want to count, just keep going. You’re doing great. ๐Ÿ™‚

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