I’m exhausted – no, not for the reasons you’re probably thinking considering I was in a hotel room with a king-sized bed. I couldn’t sleep because the muse hit again last night. And solved a few problems that have bothered me. I love when that happens.

Peterborough was lovely yesterday. Cold (3 with a windchill of minus 1), but sunny. So sunny I actually got a bit of a sunburn. Gizmo Guy and I both used to live in Peterborough – not at the same time though – but I realized we have no photos of it. So I went around with my camera and took some pictures – I plan on posting them another day when I don’t have much to talk about.

Today I worked on my story a bit, then after I checked out of the hotel and headed toward the front door, I stopped and swore. It was snowing. SNOWING. It’s April frickin’ 30th and it was SNOWING! Then we got home (it snowed the whole way home) and discovered that the blossoms on my lovely magnolia tree that were so beautiful and pink yesterday were brown and limp today. I guess there must have been a horrible frost overnight that killed them off. *sob* My poor tree! It’s spring, Mother Nature, you b*tch! Leave my flowers alone!

And on another rant against Mother Nature – on Monday I went shopping for some new blue jeans because I’d completely worn my old pairs out. (I HATE clothes shopping so always wait until I HAVE to go.) But while trying on clothes I discovered I have to look in the petite section. WTF? Me? Petite? I am in no way petite. Never have been. I used to be 5’8″, though now I’m about 5’7″ (yeah yeah, you shrink as you age. I wish someone would mention that to my waistline.) And now for some reason the clothing manufacturers have decided my legs aren’t long enough. Or other people’s legs are longer. I have to buy shorter leg length than average which means I have to look for my pants in the ‘petite’ section. Which makes me repeat WTF? I can understand my spine gradually compressing thanks to an explanation from my chiropractor, but my legs are shrinking? Thanks SO much Mother Nature. I really didn’t need that hit to my ego.

But it’s supposed to be SPRING!
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2 thoughts on “But it’s supposed to be SPRING!

  • May 1, 2008 at 7:50 am

    It snowed here yesterday, too. Not enough to polish off my magnolia, but I was worried about it.

    And no, it’s not nature that’s got your legs shrinking. It’s the clothes people.

  • May 1, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    I’m sorry you’re still getting snow. I’m having to wear sunscreen, but it’s our nice time of year when it’s not too hot yet. We’re still having a lot of strong winds though.

    Good news about your muse but I’m sure sorry to hear about your flowers. I love magnolias.

    the clothes, *sigh*, I know I’m 40-50lbs heavier than I was ten years ago, but I’m still wearing the same size. I’m not so caught up in my ego that I don’t know what they’ve done to the sizes. (not to mention the shock when I look in the mirror! *yikes*!)

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