Okay, so technically the month started yesterday and I missed blogging …

I have an excuse.

I was having my hair cut and highlighted – it turned out very nicely thank you – and writing – which also turned out very nicely. Another 2,000 words added to my total.

Sam’s story is coming along quite nicely. I’ve signed up for the Romance Divas Writing Month challenge – which is their version of NaNoWriMo except it’s May. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to achieve the 50K goal since I doubt I’ll be able to write 1700+ words a day between next Sunday and next Thursday. In fact I doubt I’ll do much writing at all. But it’ll keep me accountable to others and force me to keep moving forward. Which I must confess I’ve not been doing – I’ve been editing the start since I decided to change my heroine’s profession to a more kick-ass one that will add more conflict for the h/h. But I won’t have to cut much of what I’ve already written, just make a few adjustments which I’ll do later. I am a little concerned though – the h/h aren’t going to meet right away, there’s some setting up to do. Which probably isn’t great if I plan to market it as an erotica. I think it may end up being more of just a really hot romance. But again, I have to remind myself, finish the darned thing and then see how it looks when I start editing it.

I really need to print that up and frame it over my monitor.

Start of a new month
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