We arrived! We had forgotten how aggressive Quebec drivers are – Yikes! And how their highway systems aren’t as friendly as ours – for instance, it’s frickin’ hard to get onto an onramp you need when the sign appears AFTER the point of no return. Montreal was tough, so was Trois Riviere, and Quebec City itself? Oi vey! But still we’re here.

I know Marley has been worried about the Mississippi flooding – but there’s flooding up here too. We’ve been hearing lots of news reports about people in New Brunswick, but hadn’t heard anything about people in Quebec – yet between Montreal and Trois Riviere every river we saw was over its banks – whole fields were beneath water. Gizmo Guy kept pointing to groundhogs sitting along the side of the highway, then we realized of course they’d be sitting there, it would be the only ground above water since the highways are raised. And the closer we got to QC, the more snow we started to see. Yes. Snow! It hasn’t completely melted – not surprising considering they had 400 cms or more (14 feet?) And there are huge piles. See beside the church (between the two posts, that’s snow that’s at least four foot high. There are piles in various parts of the city that are still over 20 foot high.

We’re in the old part of Quebec City – behind the ramparts. Yes, Quebec City is a fortified city, surrounded by walls and gates very similar to the Roman walls of York. And the hotel we’re staying at was built in 1649 – yes, in the 1600s! And it’s beautifully romantic.

Anyway, I have to head down to breakfast and then do some more exploring. There’s a beautiful blue sky which promises a great day for our 30th Anniversary! I’ll post more probably when I get back.

Part of History
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2 thoughts on “Part of History

  • May 6, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    I’ve never been to Quebec City and from the glimpse of your pics, I’m missing something amazing!! I’ll add it to my ‘must go’ list and perhaps when the kids are a bit bigger, we’ll do a family trip.

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  • May 8, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    I love Quebec City. *sigh* Love it.

    Happy Anniversary “Mom” wink wink. 😉

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