Back in the mid-90s, Gizmo Guy and I took the boys to Disneyworld. We drove down, as we usually do. On the way we stopped off in Kentucky at – you guessed it – a Kentucky Fried chicken. They had a special on – if you bought a family meal, you got a home cooked apple pie. We had a brief discussion if we were about to be treated to some special southern recipe. No such luck. We’d stopped near Corbin Kentucky, over 700 miles from home, and we discovered the pie has been baked in Brighton, Ontario, less than an hour’s drive from home.

A while back, I won a book written by Brenda Novak over on the Fog City Divas. I got it in today’s mail, all the way from California. I opened the flap and discovered it had been printed where? Don Mills, Ontario. That’s part of Toronto, folks, before it was incorporated into one big metropolis. So the book started its life in Toronto, made its way across the border all the way out to California, only to end up back on this side of the border about 45 minutes from its birthplace.

While we were in Quebec City, I noticed the people who checked out just as we were arriving were from one town over – not quite Wylie’s experience of discovering her neighbors staying in the same hotel as them. Have you ever found something (or someone) somewhere you didn’t expect to find it?

Our shrinking world
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2 thoughts on “Our shrinking world

  • June 10, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    The Tour Manager and I find people virtually everywhere we go, yep. We’re lucky like that.

  • June 18, 2008 at 11:37 am

    After my trip to Scotland and one of my favorite places, Jedburgh where the Mary Queen of Scots museum was, I went to work for a manufacturing plant in Louisiana. Less than a year later some residents from Jedburgh walked through the door and wanted a tour. It was so cool.

    I’ll never forget the letter I saw on the wall in that museum, where Mary wrote a letter asking for her servants to be taken care of after her death. It was very touching and written on my birthday.

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