Happy Canada Day 4

Or for those of us old enough to remember … Happy Dominion Day!

And if you’re bored? Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of Canada. (I got 11 out of 16 correct, but I have to admit, some I had to guess at.)

4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  • Marley Delarose, Author

    Wow I thought I’d do better than that. 5 out of 16. I’ll bet you’d do better on a quiz about the US!

  • Wylie Kinson

    I only got 10!!
    The ones I knew, I knew. The ones I guessed at, I flubbed every one of them 🙁

    Unknown # of lakes, eh? So why aren’t we counting them? 😉

  • Julia Smith

    Hey – you should pat yourself on the back, Leah. I got 7 out of 16.

    Happy Canada Day!

  • Leah Braemel

    Marley – I would have taken that bet, until I started watching Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader – the US history and social studies is TOUGH. We don’t memorize our PM’s the way you guys do your presidents.

    Wylie – Yay on the ten. I got the one on the lakes wrong too – I figured some geek in the Ministry of Natural Resources would have counted them at some point.

    Julia – 7, huh? I’ll bet your friend who just got her citizenship would do better! Isn’t it amazing that newcomers often know much more about our country than people who were born here?

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