… I went on my first (sort of) date with Gizmo Guy. Actually I went out with two guys that night – at the same time. Sort of a menage a trois but without the sex. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) More to follow …

Gizmo Guy always looks at me and asks “How do you remember dates like that?” (meaning calendar dates, not date dates) I reply – how can I forget such a momentous date? (meaning date dates, not calendar dates.)

For instance, officially I met Gizmo Guy for the first time on July 3, 1976 – possibly, although we went to the same high school for a couple years, and we had the same friends so we may have bumped into each other and not realized it. Thing is, I also need to admit that it wasn’t love at first sight – at least on my part. In fact, I don’t really remember meeting Gizmo Guy that day. You see, I was on a date with one of our mutual friends – Igor (not his real name, but that’s his real nickname when we were in high school.)

Igor was also Gizmo Guy’s neighbour and sparring partner at their karate class. Yup, even though Igor was 6’5, 250-300 lbs (it fluctuated according what season it was), he took karate. Gizmo Guy tells the story of how when they walked into the dojo the sensei asked why the heck a big guy like him needed karate. GG used to wonder too since being in the best shape of his life, and about 80 pounds lighter than Igor, he once accepted a challenge to a footrace against Igor – with Igor running backwards. Gizmo Guy says he ran flat out – hardest he’d ever run in his life – and STILL lost.

Igor with his prized Firebird
(It was a really hot car at the time – honest!)

Anyway, I got off track here – yeah, I know that’s usual for me – the night of July 3rd, Igor had asked me out on a date – a group of friends from high school were getting together for a ‘pit party’ as they were called. (Where I grew up is very rural and the area is famous for only two things – its Christmas tree farms and its gravel pits. Of course, teenagers of the area often had their parties in abandoned gravel pits where our bonfires and drinking wouldn’t be noticed by anyone else around. At least that’s what we thought. Of course our parents had all used the pits for the same purposes when they were our age.)

What I didn’t realize was that Igor was going to take me to an ex-boyfriend’s house to meet up with all his buddies first (he had a LOT of buddies.) Ex-Boyfriend, from here on in known as Scumbag, and I had not parted with a ‘let’s be friends‘ type of break up. Scumbag had taken me home from a party at midnight using his cousin’s car. The next school day, said cousin teased me about how he’d found a used condom in the back of his car and accused me of putting out. I discovered later that day that scumbag had dropped me off then driven two lines down and picked up another girl. How did I find that out? The bimbo he picked up sat directly behind me in Biology class and was talking about it with the girl who sat beside her.

Since only about six weeks had passed since that had happened, I wasn’t in a particularly good mood to be sitting in Scumbag’s house once more. So while I was there, I was the Queen of Ice. I sorta remember Gizmo Guy walking in and being introduced. I also remember being particularly offish to him, figuring him for being Scumbag’s friend. (He wasn’t – GG hadn’t met SB before that night.) We then went from Scumbag’s house to Scumbag’s cousin’s house to pick up more people – and more beer. While Igor left me standing outside by the car, I stood and talked with Gizmo Guy for about five minutes – and that’s the last I remember seeing him that night. (He says he got bored with the party and left early.)

Don’t you just love GG’s hair?

The next weekend (we’re up to July 10th now), Gizmo Guy and Igor hooked up and were shooting pool at Igor’s house when apparently they started talking about me. I think I posted before about how Igor offered to introduce him to me – for a price. Gizmo Guy offered everything he had in his pockets – which turned out to be a penny.
Igor phoned me and asked if I minded if he and his buddy dropped in (not a small feat considering I lived 20 miles out in the boonies from where they lived.) So Igor brought Gizmo Guy out and re-introduced him and within an hour found myself in the front seat of Igor’s car with two dates.
Now Igor said that all I had to do was say the word and he’d drop Gizmo Guy off home if I wanted – I was under no pressure to go on a date with Gizmo Guy, and that he’d be our ‘chaperone’. For all his partying, Igor is actually very strait laced (or at least he was around me), and was deadly serious about being our chaperone and making sure GG didn’t ‘try anything’, he even got angry at GG for using a word he deemed inappropriate, even though it really was a slip of the tongue. (GG was trying to say firetruck but mixed up the two beginning letters …)
After cruising around Peterborough for a couple of hours, Igor sealed his fate – he headed to another pit party with the same crowd as the week before. Of course, I wasn’t happy to be with Scumbag’s friends, and Gizmo Guy didn’t know any of them at all – he was from a different crowd – so within a couple hours, Gizmo Guy and I took off (although I can’t remember when Gizmo Guy retrieved his own car … I’ll have to ask him if he remembers how it worked that night.)

Gizmo phoned me during the following week and asked if I’d go out with him again on July 17th – and I said yes.

And the rest is history.

On this date in 1976 …
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  • July 10, 2008 at 7:37 am

    aww i love the pics, and see look at you guys now, you are perfect….

    by the way I’m gonna try to make the meeting but I’m still under the weather and a trip that far might be too much for me….i really want to see you and the gang, i miss ya

  • July 10, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Leah – great story. I loved the photos. 🙂

  • July 13, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    I love the pics – and that is still a smooth car, even now. 🙂

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