It seems everyone’s headed off to Frisco for Nationals. Well, not everyone – there are a few of us left. And some people are quite creatively drawing in new audiences for their blogs by running blogs specifically for those of us not attending.

Take a peek over at Lynne Viehl’s blog this week. She’s blogging about Power Plotting, Editing, World Building, a Writer’s Life, amongst other things. She also has links to other people who are blogging on writing topics as well. Leave her a comment and you stand a chance at not only winning a book, but she’s got a grandprize of a brand new AlphaSmart Neo!

Or check out Margaret Moore’s blog – Monday she blogged about Editing as well including a very apt analogy to forests and trees and grass. (I get hung up in long grass) She promises there will be more coming this week. Drop by and tell her what you’d like her to discuss on her blog. She’s great at answering!

Most of the Six Degree of Sexy gals have headed west, but they’ve left us a contest while they’re away. Free books. Who can complain about that? Leave a comment for them every day and maybe you’ll be receiving a present in the mail one day soon.

Don’t forget that the Toronto Romance Writers are having their first ever book giveaway – come on over and enter for a chance to win a bundle of books – I think it’s up to 28 now. All you have to do is answer three easy questions.

Karen Duvall is writing about description while LJ Cohen is discussing poetry and poetic techniques such as metaphors and similes.

Emma Wayne Porter is conducting a Self-Editing Bootcamp – I’m guessing a LOT of us have problems editing since it seems to be a common theme.

Sheryl Clark is concentrating on writing Great Beginnings.

If you’re juggling motherhood with writing, wander (or dash) over to the Phenomena blog where you’ll find a sympathetic shoulder.

And don’t forget the Romance Divas forum is running a “Not going to Conference Conference” this week. Sign up and see what they can offer to distract you from not being able to see the Golden Gate or Fisherman’s Wharf. Not being able to stalk JR Ward or any of your other favorite authors.

Or if you’re not looking for writing enlightenment, and want to get away from blogs, come on over to Facebook and toss a thong or polar bear at me. It’s a great way to waste time.

*ahem* um, right, I’m supposed to be encouraging you to keep on writing on your manuscripts. The way I am, uh, working on mine. Well, at least Sam’s story is almost done — I’ve only got a couple more scenes left to write – they’re all sketched out, it’s just filling in the holes. And then I have to get down to the nasty job of editing. Hmm, maybe I should be checking out some of those blogs on editing myself …

Blog hopping you can do
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One thought on “Blog hopping you can do

  • July 30, 2008 at 10:44 am

    thank you for posting these, you can never stop learning, so i hope your editing goes well….

    I”m home too, no RWA for me

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