A date to write in your calendars 5

OMG it’s really happening. I just got my release date for Private Property – January 27, 2009.

What a great way that’ll be to start a new year. There’s so much to be done in the meantime, that I’m all in a fluster. Wylie Kinson sent me an email along with a Squee reminding me that I can now start planning my pre-release promo sessions. Akk!

Last week I had to fill in my cover-art form. Thankfully Amy Ruttan had nudged me to choose pictures for my characters a couple weeks back. Not really thinking I’d use them again, I did a blog about putting faces to the names. Turned out it was excellent timing. I simply could take those pictures and attach them for inspiration. Today I’m having to create tag lines and blurbs and funny warnings.

It’s so exciting. And scary.

But mainly exciting.

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