Your Toddler’s Christmas Wish 7

When Curly was young, a talking Barney was the big “have to have toy”. Gizmo Guy and I were ready to toss that big purple dinosaur out the window as more often than not, when we’d check on Curly before we went to bed, Barney would have fallen off the bed and we’d step on the darn thing and he’d start talking. There’s nothing more scarey than Barney talking to you in a dark room. *shudder*

Well. Until now.

First off, can you imagine the batteries this guy’s going to use? Secondly, do kids really need their toys to entertain them like this? What happened to letting them use their imagination?

And I hate to say this, as cute as Elmo is, does anyone else find this toy a little … creepy?

7 thoughts on “Your Toddler’s Christmas Wish

  • Amy Ruttan

    That’s … that’s weird.

    how many kids are going to get Elmo nightmares.

    “ELMO knows where you live!”

  • Kim Smith

    Yikes! This makes me glad I don’t have small kids anymore! And I will bet the price tag is phenomenal.

  • Shelley Munro

    Yikes, he was cute the first time but I can imagine that after the nth time I’d want to toss him out the window…or much worse…

  • Sandra Ferguson

    This reminds me of that game ‘guitar hero’ for the big-kid bunch. Something else interactive, because goodness knows there’s not enough already vying for our kids’ attention.

    As for batteries — the stock market on Duracel is looking pretty good.

    Amazing how this short red dude is taking over the world. Maybe it will be Elmo for president. Personally, I’d like to hear his take on bailing out banks. Could be Seasme Street has something to teach us older folks. What is that saying? Everything useful I learned . . . I learned in Kindergarten. Could be something to that.

    Have a great writing week.

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