All my bags are NOT packed 5

I’m going to be away Friday through Monday while I’m at the Ottawa Romance Writers’ Sweet and Spicy conference. As is usual for higher priced hotels, the internet is not free. I won’t know how much access I’ll have until I’ll get there, but even so I imagine I’ll be pretty busy anyway. I’m taking my camera, so hopefully when I return I’ll have a few pictures of Jo Beverly, Sharon Page, Kelley Armstrong, Michele Ann Young, and a host of others who are going to be there.

I’ve still got to get my Nissan lubed/oiled and filtered so it’ll be up to the drive, not to mention a couple of other (dozen) errands to run. Heck I’m not even packed yet. Why am I so unprepared? Because I’m still working on my pitch for Harlequin. Since I’ve been so immersed in Sam’s story lately (tentatively titled Personal Protection), I’d actually forgotten the names of the characters to the Harlequin story. Sacre Bleu!

So I pull up the manuscript and start reading. Michael! That’s right. And Beth! Ah, yes, now I remember. And Michael’s younger brother Ben as a secondary character.

As I’m reading through it, refreshing my memory, I discover the word “wainBening”. Huh? Ah. Right. When I first started writing the story, Ben had been named Scott. When I did a Find and Replace All, I forgot to check off the ‘whole words only’ box, and hence “wainscotting” became “wainBening”.

I’m going to have to keep a list of my typos. Some of them are hilarious.

Ever had a strange word pop up in your manuscript that made you go huh?

5 thoughts on “All my bags are NOT packed

  • Cora Zane

    WainBening! ^_^ I’ve had a few funky words pop up in mine, but it’s usually due to my lousy spelling during the draft.

    Ooh, have fun at that conference!!!

  • Shelley Munro

    Have fun and take lots of photos. About the character name thing – I’m terrible. I have to constantly look back. It’s not that I don’t love my characters because I do!

  • Julia Smith

    Hey – I’m reading a Jo Beverley right now. She’s my favorite, favorite, favorite author. Pictures, pictures please. Have a great time at the conference.

    And once you get back – Tag! You’re it!

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