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All sorts of things to talk about today …

First off, if you’re Canadian, you can finally sign up for Canada’s Do Not Call list. As of this morning, you’re supposed to be able to go here to sign up. But it’s past noon as I write this and the page still isn’t on line. Hmmph. You can also call by phone – 1-866-580-DNCL (3625). As I blogged about before, you’ll still get calls though from charities, political parties, polling companies, newspapers selling subscriptions, and companies you’ve already done business with. Still, at least it’ll eliminate the lawn companies, window and door salesmen and those pesky “you’ve just won a free vacation” callers from Blue Mountain and Florida.


I apologize if I haven’t commented on your blog lately. I’ve been buried in editing Sam’s story and preparing for the conference. But I will be making the rounds and hope to catch up in the next couple days because … Tada … I just subbed Personal Protection (aka Sam’s Story) to my editor today. I emailed Wylie earlier today asking if it gets any easier because OMG I’m so nervous about it. But I figured if I held onto it any longer I’d start changing things from good to bad.


And finally, I thought I’d leave you with some more photos. A guy in a kilt. (Actually there were two guys, but one shifted as I took the picture.) Complete outfit, right down to the sgian dhu (knife) in his sock.

(They were both bright red heads, by the way.)

And some “men in red” at the National Memorial service. And as I’m going through the photos, I’ve realized almost all the guys are shot from the back. Hmmph. Wonder if that’s Freudian.

And just for fun …

7 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Leah – congrats on getting your sub away. I sent something to my editor yesterday, and no, I don’t find it gets any easier. I still stress before I hit send or let a parcel drop into the mailbox.

    Love the pumpkin photo.

  2. I got into the DNC list by 10am this morning… so you must have caught them at a bad moment.
    Felt very liberating 😀

    Congrats on your submission!!

  3. I signed up.

    So glad it’s over and done with. Except the Conservative Party called me 4 times in one day. Lord.

  4. Yay on getting the submission in!

    I’m just dropping in to say hi. I’ve missed you.

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