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I got a really great email from my editor today giving me a sneak peek of Private Property’s cover. OMG it’s HOT! Even Gizmo Guy thinks so.

You’ll just have to wait, but I’m going to be fanning myself for a while.

In the meantime, Sony has announced a new version of their Reader – the PRS-700.

Boasting an impressive 6.0-inch, touch screen display, this Reader uses paper-like E Ink® technology which makes it easier to read, even in bright-light situations. In addition to a built-in light, there’s an interactive touch screen that lets you turn pages with the slide of a finger or activate the bookmark. You can also create annotations with a virtual keyboard, highlight text with a stylus pen, search for text in your digital book, and easily adjust the font size. A faster processor gives you quicker response times when opening content or turning pages. Ideal for travelers or people who like to read while on the go, the PRS-700BC holds approximately 320 digital books.

Instead of three text sizes there will now be five. And best of all there’s a LED light for reading in low-light situations.

Of course these changes mean the cost is going up to around $400. Ah well, give it time and it’ll come down. And if you don’t need the light, you should keep an eye out as they clear out the old stock of the PRS-505s. The 700 will be available as of November 14th 2008.

(I should be looking for a commission from Sony for these updates!)

4 thoughts on “New Version of the Sony Reader available

  • Shelley Munro

    I want one for my birthday, too. I coveted the Sony readers I saw when I was in the US.

    I can’t wait to see your cover. 🙂

  • Savannah Chase

    I want to get one sometime in the future…they are such a great thing to have

    congrats on getting to see your hot cover, I look forward to seeing it when it is done

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