Motoring Along 8

While we were watching Guitar Hero testing for his motorcycle licence the other day, we sat near a huge Harley Davidson. Yup, that’s me sitting on the grass just beyond in the picture above, Guitar Hero discussing his test with me.

In my upcoming novella, Private Property, I have a secondary character, Sam, riding a Harley. So I’ve been keeping my eye on the various types of bikes they have. And this one wasn’t exactly the type that GH said Sam would ride – I figure he’d ride a Road King. But this bike was impressive. Although, it wasn’t until we did a once-around that we noticed it had some … rather, um, interesting additions.

Yup. Naked women. One on each side. Gizmo Guy and Guitar Hero took a rather long time examining these, finally announcing that the ladies flip down so when the rider is on a long-distance trip he can stretch out his legs by resting his feet on them. Uh huh.

Later I pointed out the kickstand to them. Yup, that’s another naked lady. Guess it was too subtle.

Then again, not so subtly positioned at the back of the bike, yet I missed them entirely, were … well … I’ll let the picture speak for itself. (I blanked out the licence plate to protect the owner’s identity.)

Notice anything?

Below that big red light?

Yup. It’s got balls. And so does the owner.

8 thoughts on “Motoring Along

  • Christine d'Abo

    OMG!!! I’ll have to show my hubby those pictures. He’s not a big Harley fan (likes to drive racing bikes), but I think he’d appreciate those.

  • Wylie Kinson

    If you need Harley research, you need to talk to Thomma Lyn. ‘Biker Babe’ is her other job. *giggle*

  • Leah Braemel

    Christine – yeah, my guys paid a lot of close attention to fashion accessories.

    Wylie – I have a Harley shop about a mile away that I’ve gone to for research, but another source is always good.

    Guitar Hero is looking at getting a Honda or Yamaha, he doesn’t like the sport racers. But he’s also been told not to go for a bike over 600cc at this time, too much power for a beginner. I’m taking him out for ‘test drives’ tomorrow.

  • Sue L

    HAHA! Love the accessories!

    (…and you’ll never guess what showed up here while I was gone shooting last weekend. *sigh*)

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