Just for fun 3

I figured you’re probably getting tired of me rambling on about Private Property. I had planned on posting some pictures of the latest addition to our family, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have some photos up.

So in the meantime, just for no reason at all, other than they were funny, here are some funny pet videos for you:

This dog is either really smart, or just having fun – it’s hard to tell – but he’s trying to get that cat out of his bed:

And watch this ninja cat – talk about sneaky … watch for how everytime the guy disappears the cat moves up, so you can’t see him moving.

3 thoughts on “Just for fun

  • Wylie Kinson

    LOL at ninja cat. Mine does exactly the same thing… in fact, was playing it with her around the kitchen island just after dinner.

    Yeah… I need a life.

  • Leah Braemel

    I was just watching this again, and doesn’t the kitty remind you of the cat in Shrek 2? It’s those big eyes.

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