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Gizmo Guy has been reading David Baldacci’s Camel Club series, and found this note at the end of Stone Cold (yes, it’s got the same title as Robert Parker’s Jesse Stone book – how did the marketing people let that get by?) Anyway, I just had to share it with you. (One warning that Gizmo Guy gave me – if you are planning to read the series and haven’t, this may be considered a spoiler.)


HOPE YOU ENJOYED Stone Cold. One note so people won’t e-mail telling me I made a glaring mistake: I’ve played with the time-line, putting Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko in office as heads of the Soviet Union so it would match Oliver Stone’s career as a government assassin. As a fiction writer, I have full latitude to do so. It’s an entitlement actually granted to me by the Novelist’s Bill of Rights, under the subsection “Why Bother with the Truth When You Can Just Make It Up?” It was duly enacted by Congress, an august body that has enviable experience in same.

How many writers have wanted to say this to their readers but were too afraid? I want a copy of this ‘Novelist’s Bill of Rights.’ Somehow I don’t think my editor will go for this as my explanation for any errors though.

6 thoughts on “So there!

  • Lori

    LOL – Baldacci can get away with it, methinks. And my hubby also loves Baldacci. And incce Flynn. I’ll bet Gizmo Guy likes Flynn, too, if he reads Baldacci.

  • Wylie Kinson

    LOVE IT. I want my new motto to be:
    “Why Bother with the Truth When You Can Just Make It Up?”

    Can we elect Baldacci as our RWR spokeperson? 😀

  • Marley Delarose, Author

    Wylie, that’s a great idea. I love Flynn and Baldacci but my favorite is Kyle Mills. Mark Beamon is his reluctant hero with a snappy sarcastic sense of humor.

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