I’ve been blogging almost two years now and I had it in the back of my head that blogging would get easier.

I was wrong.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled to post my very first blog over on the new Samhellion blog. I’m starting to panic because right now I have nothing. Nada. Zip. I’m so used to writing about Gizmo Guy gizmos, or Guitar Hero’s antics that anything I write not referring to them comes out more like a thesis. Plus you know already that I’m rather, um, long-winded both on my blog and in real life. A good blog runs around 500 words, just long enough to hook a reader without intimidating them with a lengthy post. Trouble is I can’t ask directions to the bathroom in less than 1000 words. Not to mention that this week I’ve not even been able to come up with anything interesting to post to THIS blog. Ugh.

You’d think I’d have a lot to talk about, wouldn’t you? After all, I’ve got a free New Year’s Eve themed short-story coming out tomorrow over at The Samhellion called First Night. I’ve even made a book trailer for it that I hope to put up for you tomorrow. Plus in less than a month, Private Property‘s going to be released. But the blogs on The Samhellion are not supposed to be promo but more chatty. So no excerpts or blatant self-promotion. (Plus I’m wondering just how much good it is to post an excerpt when you can’t even buy the book yet. It’s sort of like dangling chocolates in front of a dieter. Just plain mean.)

I’m guest blogging over at a few other author’s blogs in the next month and when asked if I wanted to write my own blog or be ‘interviewed’ I jumped at the chance to be interviewed rather than go through this hair-pulling stress again. So I’ve been filling out questionnaires/interviews with some of the toughest questions I could have imagined. I mean, how hard can it be to describe your perfect day? But then I start questioning if they mean one I’ve already lived, or one I’d love to live as a writer? Akk! And there goes the word count ballooning again because, being me, I answer it both ways in excruciating detail.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m not writing literary fiction the way my mind wanders. Oh, yeah, becase I like my stories to have a plot, that’s why. (How’s that for a non sequitur?)

And now a total change of direction, here’s one of my favorite cartoons – the Animaniacs. This one is Yakko singing the dictionary. Because sometimes I think I’ve used every word in the dictionary on this blog. (And just how long did it take them to get everything to rhyme and fit the timing?)

The Well’s Running Dry
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2 thoughts on “The Well’s Running Dry

  • December 29, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    It’ll be fine, really. 😉 Soon enough you’ll be guest-blogging like a pro, appearing all over the place with concise yet comprehensive snippets of knowledge for all of us to gobble up.

    Ugh, did I just use gobble in a sentence?

  • December 30, 2008 at 8:53 am

    Once your initial stage-fright wears off, you’ll shine. SHINE!!
    Just be your chatty self, Leah, because that’s whom we’ve come to love and the reason we keep coming back 🙂

    And why not introduce the characters in your life? In fact, that would make a good post — how we make the people in our real lives into characters on our blogs 🙂

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