RIP Trooper Good 4

I was driving home from today’s Toronto Romance Writers’ meeting when one of the overpasses I went over was filled with flashing lights – a fire truck, ambulance, police cars. Oh oh, I thought, something bad had happened. It wasn’t until I went under the next overpass and saw the Canadian flags I remembered that something bad had indeed happened. Another Canadian soldier had been killed and was being brought home.

The latest soldier was Trooper Brian Good, 42, who was killed on Wednesday when a makeship bomb exploded just north of Kandahar. He’s the 107th Canadian soldier to have died in Afghanistan, and the tenth since the beginning of December 2008.

When a Canadian soldier is killed in Afghanistan, their body is flown first to CFB Trenton where it is loaded into a hearse, and accompanied by a motorcade, is driven to Toronto for an official autopsy.

A while back, it became a routine for police officers, paramedics, firemen, and appreciative citizens to line the overpasses along the route. There they would wait to show their appreciation for the ultimate sacrifice the soldier had made.

I’ve heard of it, that section of the 401 between Trenton and Toronto has been renamed The Highway of Heroes, but this was the first time I’d witnessed it. And I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes when Trooper Good’s body passed.

Thank you and God bless you to all our soldiers no matter where they’re stationed. And my most heartfelt sympathies to Trooper Good’s family.

4 thoughts on “RIP Trooper Good

  • Wylie Kinson

    I got tears in my eyes reading it.
    107 soldiers lost… such a tragedy.

    Sorry I missed you yesterday. By the time the computer woes were sorted it was too late to bother. Hope it was a great meeting 🙂
    But the good news is, my computer is back and running!!

  • Cora Zane

    That’s sad about Trooper Good. My sympathies to his family. :*( The Highway of Heroes is a very honorable thing.

  • Marley Delarose, Author

    That’s a wonderful way to pay tribute though isn’t it? And so special that you got to experience it.

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