New Book Trailer for Private Property 10

14 days til Private Property releases!

Okay, you’re probably getting really tired of me going on about it, and snickering at this newbie author’s enthusiasm, but I can’t help it. And I’m going to torment you with a sneak peak at the book trailer I’ve been working on … it’s not even up on YouTube yet, you can only see it here.

I’ve been trying all sorts of different video programs – from Windows MovieMaker (which does a pretty decent job for a freebie program), to Roxio, which gives you more control over the text placement, etc. but not over the graphic placement. So I ended up doing this one as a flash program. It took a bit more work to learn, and is a lot more fiddly but I really like the final product. (I’ve done another version on Roxio that I still like although it has a completely different feel to it because of the music selection. I may post it tomorrow so you can see the difference music can make.)

Anyway, here it is:

10 thoughts on “New Book Trailer for Private Property

  • Amy Ruttan

    That’s so cool. I don’t have movie maker or any of those programs, or the knack to make a book trailer. I would love to for my upcoming series.

    When I get the time, one day.

  • Marley Delarose, Author

    That’s great! Good job. Isn’t that the same program you used on First Night trailer?

  • Leah Braemel

    Amy – MovieMaker comes as part of the Windows package, so you may have it but just don’t know. Be warned though, while it’s easy to use, it’s even easier to get sucked into finding just the right picture and soundtrack to accompany them. And there’s no definitive proof that a book trailer actually results in increased sales. However, that didn’t stop me – I looked at it as a learning experience. Plus I’m a computer geek surrounded by two boys who are trained in media arts. So I had a blast.

    Dani – Thanks!

    Marley – yes, I used the same flash program to create it as I did for First Night, though I increased the frame rate on this one so I think it’s a better quality.

    Barbara and Lori – maybe you’ll prove what I just said to Amy about trailers not resulting in increased sales to be not true? ARCs – I’ve not received mine yet. Of course, I do have that contest still going on over at the Raven blog so you might win a copy still…

  • Wylie Kinson

    Looking good, Leah!! And because I know Sam *cough cough*, I’m even more eager to read 🙂

  • Shelley Munro

    Great trailer, Leah. I really liked it. Not long to wait. I’m looking forward to your book. 🙂

  • Shelley Munro

    PS – I keep looking at Moviemaker on my computer and thinking I should do one for my Middlemarch series…

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