I always get a thrill when I see that I’ve blogged about something that’s made someone go ‘Huh’. Yes, I’m dating myself with that reference, I don’t care.

Apparently, last week’s book trailer blog inspired Shelley Munro to create her own for the next release in her Middlemarch series, Leticia’s Lovers.

Take a look:

Now I’ve not had a chance to talk with Shelley about it, other than what she posted on her blog, but she did a lot right with this trailer. First of all she kept it short – one minute, thirty seconds. Viewers tend to get bored if it goes much beyond that. I also like how she’s mixed her photos with plain backgrounds. That’s a completely personal preference, but I think it helps the viewer focus on the story rather than just the graphics.

Now Guitar Hero cringes when they see a picture with black bars on either side. (I had a few myself, sometimes it’s hard not to if the picture is higher than it is wide. If you stretch the picture, it changes the aspect ratio, and you end up with a really weird looking person.) That’s one reason I decided to try the flash program I ended up using – I could place the picture where I wanted. That also helped me place the text so it wouldn’t blend in with the photo.

GH also says not to use too many fade-ins/fade-outs, and to watch the text transitions too. I think Shelley’s got a good mix here.

Another thing Shelley has done right, that I DIDN’T do, was to keep her text to around 8 to 10 words per screen. I had some screens where there was a fair amount to read. Hers are easier to follow and not feel rushed.

As Shelley says in her blog post, it’s “trial by doing.”

Book Trailers – Part 2
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4 thoughts on “Book Trailers – Part 2

  • January 19, 2009 at 8:42 am

    Wow – great job, Shelley! And look what you’ve inspired, Leah. Brava!

  • January 19, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Thanks, Leah. LOL – I must admit I love your trailer and was a bit intimidated.

    One thing that I wasn’t sure of was the speed of the pictures and words. I think I stretched them and it seemed to slow the speed on some frames. Does this sound right? I’ve seen some trailers that go so fast you can hardly read them.

    Good point about the pictures and the black space. It doesn’t worry me, but then I’m bumbling in the dark a bit. What do I know? *grin*. I have noticed that where possible it’s best to choose landscape pictures rather than those taken in portrait.

    Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I’m actually excited about doing another one. You’ve created a monster!

    Julia – thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoyed my trailer.

  • January 19, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Shelley – about the stretching, yes, you have to ‘stretch’ the frames to the length that you think it needs so the text can be read. That’s where it gets tricky if you’re trying to match a certain frame to the beat of the music (that’s a lesson for another day – beatmatching!) I had that problem – because I wanted certain frames to stay on the screen longer, but then it would screw up the timing with the music. It’s a challenge.

    But you did it well, Shelley. And yes, it does become addictive, doesn’t it?

  • January 19, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Oh, and about the pictures and black space – it doesn’t bother me, but people trained in Graphic Arts like Guitar Hero apparently grind their teeth.

    Same as the ‘exploding’ text I have in mine – he warns about not having too many ‘gimmicky’ things like that, but Gizmo Guy really liked that and so did I. So I kept it!

    I figure if you like the looks of it, and you’ve run it by a couple other people who like it, go for it.

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