Mom’s Song (and a contest) 3

I admit it. I’ve been stressing out over everything lately. I’ve been sending panicked emails to Sue and Dani, Marley and Amy. Hopefully some of my stress will die down now that Private Property’s released. At least until I get my first review. (Don’t forget to visit me over at Greta Wheeler’s “I do not want to wait, I want the book now” blog. There’s a contest and everything!)

Anyway, my sister sent me the link to this one and I just had to share it with you because it helped relieve some of my stress by getting me laughing. All moms will be able to identify with this lady …

3 thoughts on “Mom’s Song (and a contest)

  • Shelley Munro

    I loved the Youtube. Hubby was in the office and stopped to watch it over my shoulder.

    Leah – you’ll be fine. You’ve done an awesome job of promo so just sit down and work on another masterpiece.

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