Private Property Promo Pays off 6

I’m blogging over at BlueSue’s today, and also at The Samhellion.

That winds up my guest blogging until February 3rd when Rose Marie Wolf is hosting me. Phew! You guys must be getting tired of all my promo. I have to say I’m pretty much drained of any new ideas for guest blog posts. Heck, I usually find it tough to come up with things to post here.

On the good news front, when I opened my email yesterday, there was a notice that Private Property had hit #6 on Samhain’s Top Ten Bestsellers list in less than 24 hours. Woohoo! I guess the promo has paid off. **Edited** I woke up this morning to a “Congratulations” email and wondered what the sender was talking about. Private Property is the #2 Best Seller this morning! *Jaw hits floor*

That’s really good news, because I’m ready to go to bed and sleep for a month now.

6 thoughts on “Private Property Promo Pays off

  • Leah Braemel

    Amy and Wylie – Thanks!

    Shelley – I had doubts. Lots of them. In fact the morning PP came out, another release day author and I were emailing, worrying that we might not make our advance back! Then again, maybe being on the bestseller list means I sold 50 books, I have no idea what the figures are involved here. I guess I won’t until I get my first royalty statement.

  • Sue L

    Leah, CONGRATS on making #2 … now the pressure is on the bump up to that #1 spot *ducking and running*

    But take a nap first. ๐Ÿ™‚ You deserve it.

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