How did she do that again? 4

My last guest blog spot is over at Rose Marie Wolf‘s today – it’s a big blanket shout of thanks to everyone who has emailed me, commented on my blogs (here and elsewhere), and just helped boost my confidence in the myriad of ways you have.

I am now officially blogged out. And so I offer you some more videos, starting with another one my sister sent me. In her email she said I wouldn’t be able to watch it just once. She was right.

Since I really wanted to figure out how to do this so simply, I searched through YouTube to see if there was an English translation. There was, so I’m sharing it with you too, because now I HAVE to try this.

And I just HAD to include this one which has NOTHING to do with shirt folding, but I couldn’t resist the title. If nothing else, you’ll learn a whole slew of new slang terms for a man’s “21st digit”.

And since a new batch of Samhain ebooks were released today, this may be the last chance I have to bug you with this, but yes …

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