Happy B’Day Curly! 2

Yes, just seven days ago I posted a birthday blog, but that was for Guitar Hero. Today’s birthday celebration is for Curly who turns 18 today.


OMG, I still think of him as this age:

The weather is much nicer than the night he was born – sunny, as opposed to the thick coating of freezing rain that covered everything and made driving impossible. Boy, there’s a long story … or actually a short one. He couldn’t wait to come into the world.

Anyway, enough reminiscing … his trip to Florida is being counted as his main birthday gift, but we did buy him a small present for him to open today. And since Curly doesn’t want to go out for dinner, there’s not going to be a huge celebration in the Braemel household tonight, though we will be having a cake complete with candles, as we sing …

Happy Birthday, Curly!

2 thoughts on “Happy B’Day Curly!

  • Wylie Kinson

    Happy Birthday Curly!!!

    (L – hope you have better neighbors than all those yrs ago -LOL)

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