Happy St. Patrick’s Day. No, I’m not wearing green, and no, I have no desire to be Irish. Sorry.

My word count has gone down thanks to a nasty migraine that hit me yesterday afternoon, I’m ‘sorta’ back on track today, though Twitter is being its usual evil self in distracting me. It’s interesting to see what editors and agents are thinking and reading though.

I keep getting to the point in Andy’s story where I think “I’ll be able to type The End in the next couple of days” when I realize I need to add a scene or expand one. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to type those two lovely words. Of course that just means that the first draft is done, and then the real work of editing it and whipping it into shape starts. But that usually doesn’t take me more than a month. I’ve really got a ticking clock in my head on it now though.

Oh, and my interview is still up over on Make-Believe Mondays so if you haven’t had a chance to drop by, there’s still lots of time as it’ll be up all week.

I just wrote a big long rant about a book I’m reading, and how much repetition there is, but deleted it all. For any writers reading this, do you feel like now that you’re a writer, you’re harder on other authors? Or more forgiving? And do you feel that you can give an honest review of a story that didn’t thrill you or do you worry if you give a bad review it’ll come back and bite you in the hiney?

No Wearin’ of the Green here
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