It’s a beautiful blue-sky, sunny day out today. The snow we had Monday and Tuesday has melted, my lawn guy has fertilized the lawn already, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Which is why … I feel awful. I caught Gizmo Guy’s cold. I woke up with a pounding headache, a stuffed nose and no voice. Long before the alarm clock went off, I crawled out of bed, went downstairs and took a couple aspirin. Thus fortified, I staggered into my office and turned on my computer. Overhead light on – check. Monitor on – check. PC on – check. Thunk. Everything turned off.


Power failure? I stuck my head out the office and realized the lights in the family room and kitchen were still on.

Rats. A fuse must have blown.

Luckily enough, Gizmo Guy was still home so he grabbed the flashlight and checked out the fusebox. (What idjit designed the basement wouldn’t have thought to put a light in that area?) We had one of those fuses that have a little button on them so they act as a circuit breaker. Gizmo Guy called up and said it hadn’t tripped, but he reset it anyway. The office was still dark. So he changed that fuse for another. Still nothing.


“It’s okay,” he told me. “You can still use your laptop.”

Except I hadn’t backed up my work to a flashdrive the last couple days. I ended up dragging the extension cord we use for the lawn mower out of the garage and hooked it up to the power bar between my office and a plug upstairs in the living room. It looked weird, but I booted up my mac, transferred my doc over to a flash drive and unplugged it again. At least I can work on my doc on my mini-mac (Thank Heavens GG managed to find a way to replace the hard drive in it recently.) So all is not lost.

GG’s left the fuse out, and will have to spend this weekend tracking down the reason the power’s not coming back on. “Open circuit somewhere” he muttered right before he left for work. All I could picture was arcing circuits and burning wall board. (Which is why he left the fuse out) However, as much confidence as I have in GG, I foresee us being without power in the office until next week when we have to call in an electrician. GG’s having conniptions that they’ll have to tear down the ceiling or walls in the office which means emptying everything in there. *Head desk* on that one. We just got it the way we like it, and there’s SO much stuff in there I have no idea where we’d put it. I also foresee one big-a$$ed repair bill by the time it’s all done.

In the meantime, go over to Hooked on Romance, where Angela James is being interviewed by fellow Samhain author Nikki Duncan. They’re giving away 3 Samhain books (of your choice) throughout the day.

The light at the end of the tunnel – is a train!
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2 thoughts on “The light at the end of the tunnel – is a train!

  • April 9, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    aargh! I’d kill if that happened to me. I do NOT tolerate outages like that well — ask the Tour Manager!

    Now, back up to flash drive! Pronto!

  • April 10, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    LOL at your post title, Leah! We had an actual power outtage a few weeks ago when I was in the middle of writing my WIP. I save, save, save but did it save my sanity? …no…

    Hope all is easily taken care of in Wall Board Land.

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