My time on Twitter has been really interesting. While I don’t “Tweet” much myself, and I try to limit when I open TweetDeck so I don’t get sucked into the Twitterverse instead of writing, I love finding links like this: a proposed Braille ebook reader. Wouldn’t that be cool? Although I was also surprised to learn that only 10% of blind people these days read Braille. Apparently it’s no longer taught in schools since most blind children are now in the regular school system where they can’t handle teaching braille and instead force children to rely on technology which leaves the blind person essentially illiterate. According to this article,

One study found that 44 percent of participants who grew up reading Braille were unemployed, compared with 77 percent for those who relied on print. Overall, blind adults face 70 percent unemployment.


The federation also did some original research, including a survey of 500 people that found the ability to read Braille correlated with higher levels of education, a higher likelihood of employment and higher income.

Sometimes relying on regular print/voice technology isn’t the way to go …

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A different type of Reader
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