Editing on Andy’s story rocked today. Why is it some days things seem to click and flow so easily while other days all the gears crunch and grind?

Maybe because today was a beautiful sunny day with the robins and sparrows chirping outside my open window. It reached 28 today (that’s 82 for you folks south of me). The buds on my magnolia tree out my front window are full and ready to blossom. That’s early – normally it blooms about mid May. I’m worried that there’ll be a frost that’ll kill all the blossoms off. That’s happened before, and it’s not pretty.

Guitar Hero – who I’m seriously considering renaming Biker Dude – has ordered a seat back for the passenger seat, and the mounting hardware for it and convinced his girlfriend Blue Monkey to buy a helmet. Yup, she’s going to get up on his bike behind him. That takes more guts than I’ve currently got. Although I am tempted. I wouldn’t mind trying to ride a bike one day. It’s just a little too expensive for my taste, considering you can’t ride it for a good 5 – 6 months of the year in this part of the world, and even there’s no snow it’s dangerous when it rains or the wind blows too hard. But it doesn’t matter so much to GH – he’s thrilled to have wheels and goes out every day to wash his machine and make sure it sparkles. (Initially GH took her to the Harley store, but all they had there were plain black helmets. She is NOT a plain black helmet type of gal, so I offered to take them a couple towns over to another store where there was a slightly bigger selection. The helmet she got is still predominantly black but it has some red piping and extra flair.) Next up is either a light bar with extra lights on the side since he rides it to work in the dark, and a different seat for himself that also has a back support. But he’s counting his pennies now as he has a limited number of weeks left at his full time job.

Our taxes came in today, another reason why I’m in a good mood. (Although I had a minor OMG moment when I saw how much spent on my writing last year.) Unfortunately most of the return will have to be put toward house repairs. BUT good news is the Canadian government are allowing a lot of home repairs to be deducted on next year’s taxes. So maybe we’ll get some of it back again next year, LOL. Here’s hoping.

Oh, and Gizmo Guy sent me this link today about a machine that can print off your book in the time it takes to get a coffee. (105 pages per minute) You can bring your book on a CD or download one from their database. They say it’ll cost about the same as the book on the shelf, though the example they quote says a 300 page book will cost 30 pounds. I immediately wondered about whether the book pirates would use these, but at that cost probably not. What do you think? Would you like one of these in your local drug store? Or not?

Sunny Days, in so many ways
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  • April 28, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Oh crap. Taxes.
    I knew there was something that still needed doing 🙁

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