Winner of Daily Draw #4 4

And the winner is Karen H in NC who chose a copy of Daring Time!

Congratulations, Karen!

There were 44 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Karen H in NC
  2. Susan
  3. chey
  4. Jane
  5. Mari
  6. etirv
  7. housemouse88
  8. Julie Robinson
  9. Heather B
  10. HockeyVampiress
  11. Rhonda
  12. joyroett
  13. Karin
  14. Amy S
  15. Sue L
  16. Lisa F
  17. Sandie (mamasand2)
  18. flchen1
  19. robynl
  20. Allison’s Reads
  21. Lori T
  22. Valerie
  23. Terri W
  24. Maureen
  25. lindseye
  26. delitealex
  27. Maija P.
  28. Lori
  29. Tetewa
  30. elaing8
  31. Kytaira
  32. Marley Delarose
  33. Armenia
  34. Donnas
  35. Eva S
  36. SiNn
  37. Aliens
  38. Babyblue22
  39. KateS
  40. booklover1335
  41. Carol L
  42. Estella
  43. Irwirum
  44. Host
At their request I did not add commenters Natasha or Lea to the contest.

4 thoughts on “Winner of Daily Draw #4

  • Karen H in NC

    Hi Leah,

    Thanks so much for drawing my name out of that hat! Love it when I win and I'm looking forward to receiving the book. Thanks again!

  • HockeyVampiress

    LOL Leah warned me that your blog would make me smile. Yeah the only thing different is you can add West 49 to that list and sometimes Bluenotes but other than that it is mine to a tee…. now add a 20 and a 10 yo on each end… and yeah the people that argue with you that you do not have a 20 or a 17 yo is great…. Thanks for the visit and the confirmation that I am not the only one….

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