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There have been a lot of comments this week about the Romance Writers of America annual national conference. It ends each year with a huge gala where they present the RITAs and the Golden Heart awards. (Think of it as the Oscars of the Romance Realm.) RITAs are for the best books by published authors. The Golden Heart is awarded to an author who … well, here’s what the RWA has to say about it:

1,200 romance manuscripts are entered in the Golden Heart each year by writers who have not accepted a publishing offer for a work of original fictional narrative prose of 20,000 words or more from any non-Subsidy, non-Vanity Publisher (by the contest entry deadline).

Last night, the Golden Heart for Contemporary Single Title (in other words, not a series) was awarded to …

…. drum roll please …

Vivi Andrews
for her manuscript Easy Money.

Yes, Vivi Andrews who blogged here last Saturday, and gave away a copy of her Serengeti Heat to Ioki_Jo.

So HUGE HUGE HUGE congratulations to my fellow Samhain author. We’re all proud of you, Vivi!

If you want to send your congratulations to Vivi personally, her email address is Vivi @Viviandrews DOT com

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