Leah’s Bluebird of Happiness break 9

As the Birthday Bash winds down, hubby surprised me with a trip to Mont Tremblant in the Laurentian Mountians of Quebec. My internet connection is iffy at best so I figured I’d grab a time when it’s working for a short post of my own.

Here’s our view from our chalet:

Here’s a view of Mt Tremblant’s pedestrian village (at the foot of the ski hill). (Mont Tremblant is a gorgeous part of Quebec, but it recently became infamous as being the place of actress Natasha Richardson’s death.)

The overhead gondolas simply take you from one end of the village to where you can get the gondolas up the mountain to begin your skiing. Despite my fear of heights, I bravely climbed into one. Twice. I’ll tell you what happened the second time on another post. Let’s just say the danged things sway when they stop mid-trip.

And here’s what I wish all of you in your life – I took it as a good sign that this was the first thing we saw as we pulled into the main chalet to register.

May you all have the ‘bluebird of happiness’ fly into your life.

9 thoughts on “Leah’s Bluebird of Happiness break

  • Natasha A.

    Oh! that looks so nice!! I have been from Victoria to Montreal..I need to travel further 🙂 I think you mentioned spa today? Have fun!

  • HockeyVampiress

    Nice… hope you are having a great time. Going to have my massage in a few… hope you are having the same today in your spa treatment. The blue bird can come home with you when you announce my name on Friday for the big win… LOL

  • Marley Delarose, Author

    What a beautiful little blue bird. And a lovely place to visit. Enjoy every second.

  • Carol L.

    Beautiful pictures Leah. Hope you are having a great time and how wonderful the little Bluebird of Happiness greeted you on your arrival. 🙂
    Carol L.

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