Preparing for August 6

Okay, I’m going to get the last of the Birthday Bash details out of the way here – all but one of my winners has contacted me about their prize. Chey, I’m still waiting on you – you won a copy of Jane Lovering’s e-book.

Now, for the upcoming blogs – as I mentioned yesterday, I’m changing a few things on this blog. I will be bringing guest authors to blog every Wednesday. So far I’ve booked Ann Lory, JoAnn Smith Ainsworth, Dee Tenorio, Allie Boniface, MJ Frederick, Barbara J. Hancock, Cat Johnson, and I’m waiting to hear back on a few others. Delilah Marvelle, Catherine Wade,and Skylar Kade will also be coming back as my guests.

(I’ve set up a calendar on my sidebar so you can see the schedule. If you’re an author who would like to book a spot, drop me an email at Leah AT LeahBraemel DOT com. If there’s enough interest from both authors and readers, I may expand it in the new year to several guests a week.)

I’m also introducing a new contest – I will be collecting the names of commenters and doing a draw at the end of the month for my “favorite ebook read of the month.” (If you already have the book, I’ll substitute one you don’t have.) So it’ll pay you to come back and comment πŸ˜‰

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